Between the most orthodox classicism and the most radical avant-garde, going through two different ways of carrying out the generational change, this is Jose Montejano, always valuing the sweetest part of gastronomy. Currently his work is carried out in his dessert workshop, OBRADOR DESUCRE.



Sincere, beautiful, rich cuisine ... Aromas that flood everything. Freshly cut herbs, rice dishes that invite you to close your eyes and enjoy. Tradition and modernity without fanfare. Kiko Moya's creations (2 Michelin stars, 3 Repsol Suns) are like his personality: serene and balanced; nothing is left over and nothing is missing.



The base of Natxo Sellés cuisine is the balanced union between traditional cuisine, the best raw material from our markets and a touch of author. "I think that in a dish the important thing is the flavor of the main product, the doneness, the technique... And if you want to later add a hit of effect, a magic trick, let this be the small garnish, but always respecting the star product of the dish, without masking it ".


Next the videos of the showcooking with els olis guanyadors.

FIRST PRIZE: Castell de la Costurera, Balones - Showcooking by the hand of Kiko Moya ( L'Escaleta Restaurant)

SECOND PRIZE: Almàserra de Millena SAT - Showcooking by the hand of Natxo Sellés ( Natxo Sellés Restaurant)

THIRD PRIZE: Mas dels Castellans, in Calaceite, Teruel - Showcooking by the hand of José Montejano (Obrador DeSucre)