Last Saturday 21 November took place the delivery of the prizes of the I AOVE Fòrum International Fira of Cocentaina 2020. The act took place in the Cultural Centre The Teular, to the which assisted so much the participants like representatives of the different institutions that have carried out the organisation of this first contest oleico. The contest had the participation of almost 40 oils of different origins so much to national level like international.

The first prize was for the Castell of the Costurera, a familiar company from Balones producer of a fruity oil and intense from the varieties Picual, Blanqueta and Mançanella of Vilallonga. In words of the tasters, results highly balanced and possee next sweet notes to the half levels accompanies from a bitter and spicy elegant, arriving these almost to the scale of the means.

First prize: Castell de la Costurera (Balones)


The second prize was for la Almàssera de Millena SAT, which was presented to the contest with its “Ecotravadell” brand, fruit of the Villalonga and Arbequina olive varieties. The jury highlighted its good preparation, highlighting the quality of the fruit. Its main characteristics include its fruity character that surpasses the barrier of the media, accompanied in the mouth by a totally balanced sweet, bitter and spicy entry, 100% Mediterranean, very typical of the mountains of Alicante.


Second prize: Almàssera de Millena SAT (Millena)


Finally, the third prize waf for Mas dels Castellans oil, in Calaceite, Teruel, with a product that is the fruit of the Empeltre variety and has a ripe fruitiness that transmits balance, sweetness and a desire to please all palates. The couple formed by Sara Agut and Marc Hernández have recovered the family lands and have started the traditional cultivation and production of oil again.

Third prize: Mas dels Castellans, in Calaceite (Teruel)


The councilor of Cocentaina's Fair, Eugenia Miguel, the president from Cocentaina Cooperative, Rafael Montava and the general director of Rural Development, David Torres they have presented the awards and congratulated the winners.

Awardees and jury

Awardees and authorized