The local trade "Nuria Sport" wins the XXVI Window Dressing Contest ‘Fira de Tots Sants’

  • The second and third prizes went to “Ferreteria Alicantina” and “De Nens” that, like the winner, flooded their establishments with creativity with motifs that are very representative of the Fira.

The XXVI Window Dressing Contest ‘Fira de Tots Sants’ already has winners. On Friday afternoon, a jury made up of five members, including the mayor of Fira, Eugenia Miguel and the mayor of Commerce, Paqui Ruiz, took a tour of the participating businesses to assess the creative elements that adorned their shop windows. Striking decorations in which the symbol of the Fira could be seen as a common element placed in different ways and made with different materials. At the end of the evaluation of the ten participating establishments, the jury issued the verdict.

The first prize was awarded to the "Nuria Sport" store, the second went to "Ferretería Alicantina" and the third to "De Nens" which also won the public award. It should be noted that this category has been included for the first time in this edition so that the neighbors through their social networks could share and mention the showcase they liked the most among all the participants. The honorable mention went to the establishment "Borràs".

One more activity that closes within this 674 special edition of the ‘Fira de Tots Sants’ and that reinforces its essence, this time in local commerce, which is undoubtedly the embryo of the commercial network that makes up the event this year.