The Cocentaina 2020 Fair closes its most special edition with a turnover of 40%

  • The exhibitors value this peculiar edition very positively and are committed to strengthening the commercial network created in the Valencian Community to keep the flame of the contest alive throughout the year.
  • The motor, agriculture, industry and food sectors have been the ones that have received the greatest number of visitors, parameters that coincide with those that have usually been recorded in previous years in the usual format.

The Fira de Cocentaina 2020 closes its special 674th edition with a very positive balance from both the organization and the participating exhibitors. Despite not having been able to be held in its original format and not having reaped the great figures that it has accumulated year after year; the event, which this time has been held throughout the month of November, has achieved a business volume of 40% compared to a regular fair edition. This figure mainly affects specific sectors such as motor, agriculture, industry and food, which are the ones that have registered a greater number of visitors in establishments of these types.

In total, the exhibition area of products promoted by Fira has risen to 35.550 m2, made up of 70 exhibitors throughout the Valencian Community and a total of 12 million worth of product exhibited. Within these figures, it is worth highlighting the broad representation of establishments in the motor, agriculture and food sectors.

Regarding the number of visitors during the month of the contest in the shops themselves, a total of 5.600 visits have been registered, a figure that far from that registered in previous years shows the interest that the public has had in supporting the economic promotions of Fair of this edition. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the role of the local public, as well as of the 50 businesses in the municipality that have participated and that have made it possible for them to answer us and visitors to feel very much alive.

The exhibitions and the cultural offer have also been present in this edition, although with less force due to the current health situation. Ten exhibitions made up of twenty-four local artists have given life to this important pillar of the contest that hopes to return with more force in the next edition, since in the programmed activities only 1.034 people have been able to welcome and 450 in the artistic exhibitions.

The Fira's online information channels and channels have seen their activity strengthened, the event website has registered 144.051 visits and social networks have in some cases increased their impressions by 24%, such as Instagram.

The mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa, has stressed "the effort of all, organization and exhibitors to add another year to our historic Fair. It was held in a complicated and atypical situation since we have all missed the atmosphere of Fira in our streets, but other ways have been obtained to make this event even more powerful and what is more important, proposals have been collected to keep it alive He calls it throughout the year, proposals in which the City Council will continue working so that little by little they can be modeled and thus become a reality”.

The councilor of Fira de Cocentaina, Eugenia Miguel, has assured that "all the exhibitors have made positive appraisals, whether the level of sale has been positive or if it has been weaker, they have welcomed the format very well and what is more important , they have made a hole in their establishments so that the Fair was a reality”. He pointed out that "exhibitors ensure that belonging to the FTS Official Exhibitors Commercial Network gives added value to both their company and their product, which is why this commercial and business network will be encouraged to remain throughout the year and even spread throughout the national territory."