The Fair of Cocentaina launches a special image for its 675th anniversary and prepares a program of activities for its commemoration

Especial 675 edición

Several audiovisual capsules and interviews with people representing the history of the event will reveal the most important milestones and curiosities from its origin to the present.

The Fira area works to adapt the celebration to the different scenarios that may arise depending on the evolution of the pandemic and not stop celebrating this very special edition.

Cocentaina's Fair 2021 will be a special edition and the contest is 675 years old, a figure that reflects its long history since Pere IV gave the municipality the Privilege of Fair, in 1346. To commemorate this date the Fair area has prepared a series of actions and is already working on different scenarios in preparation for the celebration of the All Saints event.

Today Fair launches a graphic image to show the commemorative figure through its logo and that throughout the year will be the representative brand in all the dissemination of the event. The 675 has been adapted to the iconic pageant emblem, the horse and wheel.
In addition, within the actions planned to disseminate this special edition, a series of audiovisual capsules are being edited to publicize the origin and evolution of the Fair. Representative people throughout the history of the event will announce the most relevant milestones and curiosities that have contributed to the completion of these 675 years. These audiovisual documents can be viewed through social networks and on the official website Fair.

In parallel, Fair area is already working to shape the program of events with which this 675th anniversary will be celebrated. Due to the instability of the health situation, the possible scenarios that could arise on the first of November are being evaluated and the activities are adjusted to the different circumstances.

The work to shape what will be the next All Saints Fair 2021 is also joined by the improvements that are expected to be implemented when the event can be held in its traditional format. These include the change in the location of some sectors, the expansion of various areas, the introduction of digital tools that help in the management and organization of the event and the implementation of improvements to make the event inclusive.

The councilor of Fira de Cocentaina, Eugenia Miguel, has assured that “we are following the evolution of the pandemic day by day and, in this sense, we have different scenarios planned, depending on whether the situation is of greater or lesser incidence and they have to adopt more or less restrictive measures when November arrives. We are confident that with vaccinations and given that the Fair is held coinciding with All Saints, which is already the end of the year, we can have a calmer situation and enjoy the fair contest, although in no way could this year still be the same as the one we knew; what we would like, to the extent of our possibilities, is that this year all the sectors that are part of the Fair were present again ”.

She has stressed that "we must be patient and of course we don't have to lose hope since we will do everything possible so that the smell of Fair reaches all corners of the town and this 675th edition leaves its mark."