Cocentaina organizes the I Fira de Tots Sants Commercial Network Congress to help professionalize the event

Especial 675 edición
  • The meeting will be held on September 15 and 16 and all companies participating in the traditional fair event can register.
  • The program includes different activities of a general nature, in addition to specific training by sectors.

Within the framework of the 675th edition of the Fira de Cocentaina 2021, the City Council has organized the First Congress of the Fira de Tots Sants Commercial Network, aimed at all participating companies, with the aim of providing knowledge that improves the experience of sellers and visitors and continue winning in the professionalism of the contest. The meeting will take place on September 15 and 16 and includes training of a general nature, as well as specific to each sector.

The objective of this first Congress is to be able to offer the participants a meeting point, outside the Fira days itself, through which the exhibiting companies and collaborators in the organization of the event can update knowledge, learn about trends, share experiences and contribute solutions to improve your presence at the Fair and continue to advance in the professionalization of the event for visitors. From taking care of the details of the product exhibition, to the human team in front of the stand or security, with the aim of achieving the highest visibility of the business and the best experience for the public. The program will combine general activities for all attendees and groups with specific content for each sector.

The councilor of Fira de Cocentaina, Eugenia Miguel, points out that “what happened in the last year with the Covid-19 pandemic has given us a great lesson in resilience and raises the need not to lower our guard and always continue to train in order to be able to face any scenario, no matter how changing it may be ”. In this sense, he considers that "we must always be in the process of renovation to offer the best possible experience to the large public that visits us every year."
For the head of Fira, with this Congress “we want companies to take advantage of their full potential for future editions. Each stand is the image of your business during the days of the fair and our intention is to provide you with all the tools that are in our hands to improve your product exposure, sales results, and direct contact with customers ”.
The City Council of Cocentaina expects a good turnout since it is an opportunity to "continue training hand in hand and win in the professionalization of the event".

675th edition of the Fira de Tots Sants

The I Fira de Tots Sants Commercial Network Congress is one of the initiatives organized on the occasion of the celebration this year 2021 of the 675th edition of the contest. A date that reflects its long history and that the Fair has wanted to celebrate with the organization of a series of actions, including a makeover for the anniversary.
On the other hand, it is working on the realization of several audiovisual capsules and interviews with representative people from the history of the event that will reveal the most important milestones and curiosities from its origin to the present.