We open the door to a new month of November, a special date and very felt for our village that during some days and along 674 editions has showed proudly and encourage the capacity of Cocentaina to turn into international focus of commercial attraction, gastronomic, cultural and of leisure.

This year the pandemia world-wide that are living us obliges an exceptional design to All Saints Fair, an event, the secret of the qual, have been always and ploughs more that never, in the seua capacity for tone adapt- and reinvent-. The Work and the commitment of the team of Fair have achieved present to format that allow the celebration of this 674 edition fulfilling with all them measures of security, hygiene and marked prevention for them sanitary authorities. This year we will not live the Fair tone the street, already that the format commercial will be on-line gold to the usual trades and the cultural slope of the Fair is will be able to gaudir to the places of exhibition with the aforament limited. Our village will not receive half million of visitors in 2020, but will continue showing the seua tradition through them new technologies. In spite of Them circumstances, invite them tone continue doing buy them traditional of Fair tone them tents of habit gold via internet and tone be followed consuming sure culture, the seua fidelity is the engine for tone many families.

How it could not be of an other way, the reading of the Royal Privilege also will be very special, already that will have two pregoners: the municipal program of Social Welfare TAPIS and the centre occupational Gormaget. Of this way, the City council of Cocentaina rewards the capacity of superació of these people and lance to message of visibilització and of normalisation where say very clear that all them people, independently of them ours capacities and skills, contribute tone the society and do village.

This 2020 historical will be the year of retre homage tone all them people and entities that give life tone the Fair of Cocentaina: trade, exhibitors, artisans, artists, firers, visitors and, surely, the whole village of Cocentaina.

Contestans and contestanes, show one year more that with prudence and cares of security and health, we're able to do the better world's Fair.

Good All Saints Fair 2020