After being named Fiesta of Autonomic tourist interest in May 2007 by The Valencian Tourism Office, The Fira had a 5 year period to postulate itself for the title of Fiesta of National Tourist Interest.
After those five years, during the first semester in 2012 people started to work in the report to achieve the ‘Fiesta of National Tourist Interest’ title. This had to be made by addressing the report to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and they had to argue the reasons why the Fira would fit as candidate for such title, by invoking the Orden  ITC/1763/2006 published on 3 may that regulates these kind of titles.
After being sent the request to the appropriate authorities on August 2012, on 16th of October was conceded the title of ‘Fiesta of National Tourist Interest’ to the Cocentaina’s Fira de Tots Sants.

Besides the requirements and the request form, in particular, the explanatory statement was focused on different characteristics attached to the Fira such as: it's antiquity,  its social ties, originality and variety of Fira de Cocentaina's events and activities that form this party.
These characteristics, along with the technic aspect and the resources intended for tourism are the keys to the success in the concession of this honorific mention.

Seven years later, on February 2019 it was written the report to achieve the International Interest Declaration. The Fira accumulates different promotional events abroad, a requisite to obtain this title, and these so said events took place in countries like Andorra and Portugal.

On April 2019, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, valued to concede the title of Fiesta of International Tourist Interest to the Fira of all Saints. This title is honorific at first, but the title is gained after analyzing the economic effect of the Fira’s in Cocentaina.  

This way Fira’s All Saints started to be the first commercial fair with these characteristics to obtain this distinction.