Interview 675 Anniversary Fair - EUGENIA MIGUEL

Especial 675 edición

          1. What does it mean at the municipal and institutional level that the Fira has reached its 675th anniversary?

For all the answerers and contestants, it is undoubtedly a source of pride to have been able to celebrate our Fair over 675 editions. A long historical period in which neither pandemics, nor wars, nor other events have prevented this emblematic event from continuing year after year.

In addition, it is a sign of the unprecedented adaptability of a people to keep the Fair alive with the loyalty of all the people who have come to Cocentaina over six centuries, either to sell their products or to buy them, coming from all of Spain.

          2. What have been its main strengths to consolidate itself as a large event and a high tourist demand, both nationally and internationally?

The key, seeing the tour of the contest, has been knowing how to evolve with the times and with the needs that society has been demanding. Having the ability to attract through a wide range of articles, services, activities and news that have been claimed for all tastes and ages.

The Fair has been, and continues to be, a living element that is transformed to continue its journey. From an agricultural and ramadera fair in its origins, it has known how to include new sectors as well as industrial and technological advances to make it attractive, interesting and a focus of attraction for thousands of visitors each year.

For some time now, in addition, what can be a family event with activities and products for everyone has been promoted especially due to its characteristics and offer.

          3. Currently, what is the Fair area working on to improve the event?

We are working on two levels, with two approaches in parallel. On the one hand, the Fair department is proposing and studying all the changes and novelties that could be put in place when we return to celebrate the Fair in the format we knew before the pandemic caused by Covidien-19 arrived. We are working on changes in the location of some sectors, the expansion of some areas, introducing those digital tools that help us in the management and organization of the event and planning the necessary improvements so that our Fair is inclusive and everyone has a place .

On the other hand, and due to the fact that we are still in a situation of health risk, we are working on the different celebration options that we could have in this edition. Taking into account the capacity limitations and all the prevention and security measures that must be adopted according to the risk of contagion that we have in November. As we did last year, reinvent the format of the Fair so that it can continue to be held, but adapting to the time we are in.

          4. Although the current situation is uncertain and particular, how will this very special anniversary be commemorated? Will there be any news or changes related to this motif?

Even if it is with all the necessary prevention measures, but, of course, we do not want to stop celebrating an edition as special as the 675 editions of the All Saints Fair.

We have started by adapting the representative image of the Fair, including 675. This commemorative mark will be present throughout this year in all the material that is published and in the dissemination that is made at all levels.

In addition, a series of audiovisual capsules are being made to publicize the origin and evolution of the Fair. Through interviews with representative people throughout the history of the Fair, learn more about landmarks and curiosities. We are also studying how to develop activities in which the entire town can participate and bring the history of the Fair to the schoolchildren.

          5. Looking ahead to this next edition, and with a view to November, are we already working to assess the circumstances and adapt the contest with the objective that it be held physically?

As I was saying, we are following the evolution of the pandemic day by day and, in this sense, we have different scenarios planned, depending on whether the situation is of greater or lesser incidence and more or less restrictive measures must be adopted when November arrives.

We are confident that with vaccinations and given that the Fair is celebrated in All Saints, which is the end of the year, we can have a calmer situation and enjoy the fair contest, although this year cannot be as we knew it.

What we would like, to the extent of our possibilities, is that this year all the sectors that are part of the Fair were present again.

Last year we already know that the cultural part can be done in person, because it is easy to control the capacity and the security measures as they are closed facilities. In any case, as I have said, the Fair as we knew it, will still take a few more editions to return.

          6. As a councilor for the Fair area, what would you say to the public as well as to the lovers and followers of the event regarding the celebration coinciding with this very special edition?

I would encourage everyone once again to be patient. Let them know that we are working to provide different options and formats, whatever the circumstances, because this edition as special as the 675th anniversary is still celebrated.

That they do not lose the illusion and one more year we will do everything possible so that the smell of the Fair reaches all corners of the town.