The “Fira” is the very history of Concentaina’s. It started in 1346 thanks to the privilege conceded by Pere el Cerimoniós (II of Valencia and IV of Aragón). This way the “Fira” has been organized until nowadays thanks to traditions, the value given to the land and the dynamic and entrepreneur spirit of Concentaina’s inhabitants.
Year after year a new Fair edition is celebrated. We have reached this through centuries of plagues, epidemics and wars; through times of peaceful and groundbreaking times but also times of social conflict. This is all thanks to the will of the people who without forgetting the past, they worked hard for self-improvement and a future of social integration.
Time has an influence in the Fira’s contents. The Fira used to be a regional, farming and agricultural market but it has become not only a showcase about traditional farming and agricultural activities, but also an exhibition of agricultural machinery and automotive media, craftworks, Arab market, medieval market among other activities that can gather more than four hundred exhibitors coming from all parts of Spain here during three days. Because of that, the Fira can without a doubt surpass the three hundred fifty thousand visitors.

This mobilisation had a special impact these last years, in which we have been able to improve our management and marketing, which meant more resources for community coming from invaluable help from different public institutions and other establishments which are concerned about the development and conservation of our origins but also about the activities related to commerce and agriculture.

Eventually, as a phenomenon of our time, we have to highlight our both cultural and sports events which are a signs of the Fira’s mobilising power. There are a lot of activities such as: expositions, book fairs, chorus competitions, funfair for kids, riding and breeding horse exhibition, music concerts, the famous Fira’s breakfast, dancing shows, shows in streets like juggling or different workshops (blacksmith, weaving workshop, cattail works, artisan bread…), falconry’s exhibition … all of this has made Cocentaina’s Fira an International Tourist Interest Fair.