The Fira de Tots Sants protagonist in the degree of Organization of Events, Protocol and Institutional Relations of the IMEP

General news

The Fira de Tots Sants de Cocentaina has been the protagonist of one of the classes of the university degree in Organization of Events, Protocol and Institutional Relations offered by the Mediterranean Institute of Protocol Studies (IMEP), in Alicante.
The mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa and Jaume Bernabéu, responsible for audiovisual content and communication at Visualcrea, invited by the teacher, Juan Antonio Sánchez, head of the third-year subject, Structures and Processes in the Organization of Events, have been in charge detailing the operation, organization and characteristics of an event, such as the Fira, capable of attracting around 500,000 visitors each year.
For the second year in a row, the Cocentaina Fair visits the IMEP classrooms, although this year was the first time that a full class, lasting four hours, was dedicated to breaking down the details of a party that, as the mayor has pointed out, "It is one of the few non-religious events that has been held with great success after 7 centuries of history, as a result of the work and appreciation of its people."
During the exhibition, not only the characteristics of the Fira as an event were discussed, but also the keys to success to adapt to the two COVID editions, 2020 and 2021, which it has experienced and which have been a challenge for the organizers and participating exhibitors.

The students have been very interested in the talk, participating actively and proposing ideas through a creative workshop. Some of these contributions, as Mireia Estepa indicated, may be reflected in this year's 676 edition.
“The opportunity that the IMEP has given us to break down what the Fair is like inside, what are the keys to its success, how its image and formats have evolved, and how its promotion and dissemination works, both nationally and internationally, in the framework of university studies is indicative that we are talking about an event worthy of being studied”, pointed out the mayor.
The first mayor of Cocentaina thanked those responsible for the IMEP and Professor Sánchez for the invitation and the commitment to show the richness of a tradition linked to university learning such as the Cocentaina Fair.