Fira Tots Sants explained in the degree of Organization of Events, Protocol and Institutional Relations

The Fira de Tots Sants was the reason for the talk offered by Mireia Estepa, mayor of Cocentaina, and Jaume Bernabeu, head of audiovisual content and communication at Visualcrea, at the IMEP (Mediterranean Institute for Protocol Studies).

The students of the 3rd year of the university degree in Organization of Events, Protocol and Institutional Relations were explained the most important features of the organization and the characteristics of a party that, as the mayor said, “is one of the few non-religious events that is held with great success after 7 centuries of history, fruit of the work and esteem of its people.

The talk took place in the subject of Structures and Processes in the Organization of Events, of which Estepa and Bernabeu have been the first guests of a class that, during the remainder of the course, also plans to have the presence of organizers of Large-format music festivals or national and international sports championships.

«The opportunity that IMEP has given us to find out what the Fair is like from the inside, what are the keys to its success, how its image has evolved and how its advertising works within the framework of a university degree is indicative that we are talking about an event worthy of being studied, “says the mayor.

About the 20 students, between telematic and face-to-face modality, of the course have been delighted with the exhibition and were able to convey their opinion on some aspects of the Fira de Tots Sants.