Fira Tots Sants enters its final stretch with a positive assessment from exhibitors

  • The cultural offer closes this weekend with the concert of the Paloma Pulse and Plectrum Orchestra and the circus show “Seu-te”.
  • The Network of Official Exhibitors intends to consolidate throughout the year and that the activity is maintained through conferences, training and presentations under the seal of the Fair.

The 674th edition of the Fira de Cocentaina counts the days to finish one of the most special competitions in its history. A call adapted to current circumstances and which according to the exhibitors' evaluations will close with a positive balance both economically and in terms of the format in which it was held. Throughout the month, the mayor of Fira Eugenia Miguel and members of the organization of the event, have visited local exhibitors and neighboring regions in order to know their impressions and collect their evaluations in terms of sales, public attendance at their shops, etc.

The exhibitors evaluations predict a positive final balance, although it should be noted that most have longed for the intense days spent on the streets in the original format. In addition, the participating businesses highlight the great initiative of the organization to not miss this edition.

In relation to the commercial network that has been created in this event, the members have also shown a predisposition for it to be consolidated throughout the year and for the activity to be maintained through conferences, training, presentations, etc. In this way, the Fair would remain present for a longer period and could benefit the synergies between exhibitors, as well as the territory of influence of the event.

As indicated by Pablo Martí from the GP Automoción Opel y Pegueot dealership “the balance for the whole month is positive, and last week we held our own event in which invitations were sent with Fira offers and quite a few appointments were made. translated into an economic report similar to the one generated in Fira for four days ”. He also pointed out that "many people from the town have come to ask about offers and promotions, in short, it has been a way to boost the complicated streak that has been generated by the current situation that we are going through globally." For his part, Alfredo Picó from Turrones Picó was very grateful for the opportunity that the City Council has given to transfer a small sample of its commercial offer to the contestano municipality itself and in this way “having facilitated the sale and having helped us save the report We got money from our stall on the street during the Fair, there are customers who have called us asking and when we told them where we were located they have come to buy as they did every year”.

The councilor of Fira, Eugenia Miguel assured that “during our visits to the merchants the sensations that have been transmitted to us are very good, they appreciate the work that has been done at the municipal level to maintain the Fira this year even though it has been in this format and they are also seen with initiative and they have sent us a proposal to maintain the commercial network throughout the year in one way or another and thus keep the flame of the contest alive outside of the four intense days in which it is usually framed".

Closure of the cultural offer

This Saturday, November 28 at 7:00 p.m. in El Teular, the concert by the Paloma Pulse and Plectrum Orchestra will take place, which will have a repertoire made up of nine masterpieces. On Sunday 29, it will be the circus' turn with the show "Seu-te", a performance that, through the chairs, tells a beautiful story. The company manages to create a moving circus ensemble that plays with humor, harmony and tenderness and brings together acrobatics, verticals, balances and that appeals to the participation of the public, all in a careful dramaturgy.

Both shows will have limited capacity and access will be controlled by tickets that can be purchased for free at