Cocentaina works in a face-to-face format on several weekends for the celebration of the 675th edition of the Fira

Especial 675 edición

Exhibitors who wish to participate can now obtain the application on the website and submit it through the Electronic Office or at the City Council's own Entry Register.

The City Council of Cocentaina is already working on the preparation of the Fira de Tots Sants 2021 with a more open and participatory format than that of 2020, where the exhibition and sale of products will return to the streets of the municipality, although still attending to the capacity restrictions , safety distance and with some changes in locations and duration of the contest.
In this sense, and as explained by the Fair Area of ??the Cocentaina City Council, this year the improvement of sanitary conditions, with the decrease in infections and a large part of the vaccinated population, will allow programming a more participatory Fair and with a format closer to the traditional one. However, it will still not be 100% the Fira de Cocentaina that we knew, lasting three or four days and with more than half a million visitors during those days.
For this year the celebration will be planned on three consecutive weekends in November in which the exhibition of the traditional sectors will be present: machinery, automotive, food, technology, etc. but divided into several weekends so that there may be more space, both for the transit of visitors, and between the exhibitors themselves. Participation applications for exhibitors are already available on the Fira de Tots Sants website and can be submitted through the Electronic Office or at the City Council's own Entry Register.

September will be the key date to know exactly the format with which the fair event can be held. According to the councilor of Fira, Eugenia Miguel, "in September we plan to make a consultation with Health and present the Fira proposal that we want for this 2021 so that they can confirm its viability." And he adds that “although we all really want Fira, it is essential to continue to be responsible and offer only those options that guarantee the safety of all people, exhibitors and visitors. In this sense, we want to propose a format that is extended over time so that we can avoid crowds and free part of the town so that there is more space for transit and commercial space ”.
Remember, in addition, that on September 15 and 16 Cocentaina will host the First Congress of the Fira de Tots Sants Commercial Network, aimed at all participating companies, with the aim of providing knowledge that improves the experience of sellers and visitors and continue to gain in the professionalism of the contest. The meeting includes training of a general nature, as well as specific ones for each sector.
This activity is part of the celebration of the 675th anniversary of the Fira de Tots Sants de Cocentaina.