When some months back accepted the management of the Regidoria of Fair, never had not imagined that it would have to do it in some as exceptional circumstances. Thanks to the work, the experience and the effort of all the team of Fair have been able to present a new edition, the 674 of the Fair of All Saint, where have treated to respect his essence as a focus dinamitzador economic, cultural and of leisure.

Guarantee the security and preserve the health of all has been, definitely, our priority to which, besides, add the restrictions of aforament, interpersonal distance and disinfection of all the installations. Some condicionants that have done necessary a replantejament in the organisation and in the celebration of this event as we knew it until today.

The fair this year will keep his commercial activity and the cultural activities and of leisure along all the month of November in order to avoid aglomeracions. During this time, moves the traditional exhibition of products to the street until the own establishments participants, to avoid like this the massive arrival of visitors and avoid aglomeracions to the municipality. A network of exhibitors Fair of Cocentaina will be near at hand of all the consumers along the Valencian territory to do the traditional purchases of Fair.

With this measure prioritise the security and the health of the population in general and, at the same time, achieve will keep the commercial print of the event and avoid the suspension of the Fair.

On the other hand, the programming of activities of leisure and cultural, such as exhibitions, theatres and concerts, move to the weekends of November and adapted to the measures of prevention, hygiene and aforament that they require the sanitary circumstances.

The new technologies have helped us to conformar this special edition of Fair 2020. For can facilitate the visits to the different trades exhibitors, the web of the Fair www.firadecocentaina.org will have of a directory with all the establishments participants in this edition 2020 that will include the data of contact, location and promotions of the certamen for can design the itinerari of visits that wish each consumer in function of his interests. The official social networks of Fair also will be a point of encounter and of information.

It has not been an easy task and at all times are doing an exhaustive follow-up of the evolution of the sanitary situation to our territory. Since these lines and when already being the oloreta of Fair, wish to all, contestans and contestanes, visitors, trades and exhibitors that enjoy a Fair of All Saint 2020 with a lot of responsibility and wisdom.

Good Fair and health for all