This year we commemorate a very significant date for all the contestanas and contestanos, the 675th edition of the Fira de Tots Sants. Almost seven centuries of history, overcoming difficult times: wars, pandemics, etc., the last one very recent and from which we have not yet fully recovered, but which has served to demonstrate the Fira's infinite capacity to adapt to circumstances. , as well as its ability to evolve with the times, an indisputable cause that today we have the recognition of international tourist interest.

Once again we will have the opportunity to once again enjoy the magic that spreads through the streets of the town when these dates approach and also do it for a few days more than usual, since the contest will take place over two weekends to guarantee safer environments and that residents, merchants and visitors can enjoy a safe fair.

Both the department of Fira and the City Council have made a great effort to carry out this edition but the credit will go to the neighbors who will have to endure, for a few more days, all the inconvenience that this event generates, as well May my thanks go in advance to the people from Cocentaina.

This celebration will be remembered for the use of masks and for individual responsibility, which we will surely demonstrate by all people, but we have the end of a health crisis within our grasp from which we have learned to value those things that before us. they went unnoticed. We go back to our daily life, we meet again with family and friends, we go back to enjoying our streets and we go back to enjoying the Fira de Fires.

We come back! Bona Fira!