An oil produced in Balones wins the I EVOO FORUM International Fira de Cocentaina 2020

  • Second and third place go to Almàssera de Millena and Calaceite (Teurel), respectively, and they will be able to label the new olive production with the award obtained.

  • The renowned chefs Kiko Moya, Natxo Sellés and José Montejano offered online showcookings with recipes made with the winning oils during the event.

The I EVOO International Forum Fira de Cocentaina 2020 already has winners, some recognitions that have been known in an act held at the El Teular Cultural Center and which have been attended by both the participants and representatives of the different institutions that have carried out the organization of this first oleic contest. A novel activity that has had the participation of almost 40 oils of different origins both nationally and internationally, and thus shows the good response of the sector to this proposal. After the meticulous evaluation that the jury of five experts carried out on November 10, the winners have been announced.

The first prize went to El Castell de la Costurera, a Balones family business that produces a fruity and intense oil from the Picual, Blanqueta and Mançanella de Villalonga varieties. In the words of the tasters, it is highly balanced and has sweet notes close to the medium levels accompanied by an elegant bitter and spicy, reaching almost the medium scale.

The second place went to Almàssera de Millena SAT, which presented itself to the contest with its “Ecotravadell” brand, fruit of the Villalonga and Arbequina olive varieties. The jury highlighted its good preparation, highlighting the quality of the fruit. Its main characteristics include its fruity character that surpasses the barrier of the media, accompanied in the mouth by a totally balanced sweet, bitter and spicy entry, 100% Mediterranean, very typical of the mountains of Alicante.

Finally, the third recognition has gone to the oil from Mas dels Castellans, in Calaceite, Teruel, with a product of the Empeltre variety and ripe fruitiness that transmits balance, sweetness and a desire to please all palates. The couple formed by Sara Agut and Marc Hernández have recovered the family lands and have started the traditional cultivation and production of oil again.

The councilor of Fira de Cocentaina, Eugenia Miguel, the president of the Cooperativa de Cocentaina, Rafael Montava and the general director of Rural Development, David Torres have delivered the awards and congratulated the winners.

From the field to the table

During the event, the renowned chefs answer us Kiko Moya, from L’Escaleta, Natxo Sellés owner of the restaurant that bears the same name, Natxo Sellés Restaurante and José Montejano, master pastry chef and owner of Obrador DeSucre, have been present through a virtual showcooking. A culinary sample in which each of the three kitchen masters have made a recipe with one of the winning oils. The three have agreed on the quality of the products, two of them from the Comtat region, a fact that, as highlighted by the president of the Cooperativa de Cocentaina Rafael Montava “shows the great quality of our oil, as well as the olive variety from the area that offers the product unique nuances ”.

For her part, the Fair Councilor, Eugenia Miguel, thanked all the participants for their presence in the contest and congratulated the winners: "This is the first edition and although it closes with very good results, we hope that throughout the future editions consolidate and achieve greater participation both nationally and internationally ”.

The general director of Rural Development, David Torres, has indicated that “calls like this help to value olive oil; In addition, two incomparable settings, a centennial Fair and a tradition that in the Valencian Community dates from Roman times and that thanks to the great work carried out by the sector makes it possible for the agricultural tradition to continue. In addition, it has known how to unite ancestral techniques with technological innovation to improve the quality of its oils and thus become one of the socioeconomic engines of all our regions, especially here in Comtat ”.

The mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa, has emphasized “the essence of the contest, that in addition to putting such an important product of the Mediterranean diet as olive oil at the top, it affects the origins of the Fair, which was born as a agricultural contest and that has grown maintaining its roots, a good example of this are activities like this one ”.