The V Premi Firacor returns to the 2021 Fira de Tots Sants Choral Contest

General news

Cocentaina will once again be a national benchmark for choral music this week, with the celebration of the 41st edition of the Fira de Tots Sants Choral Contest and the V FIRACOR Prize. It will be next Saturday, November 13, at 7:00 p.m., at the El Teular Cultural Center.
The Fira de Tots Sants Choral Contest is the only Choral Contest in the entire Valencian Community in this modality and the only one that promotes the dissemination of choral music written in Valencian with the commission, especially for the occasion, of a choral composition written in Valencian because it serves as an interpretive reference for all the choirs. This composition is the required work that they have to interpret in our language, regardless of their place of origin.

The V FIRACOR Prize is a four-year prize where the three winning choirs from the last three regular editions of the Contest compete for a single prize of € 6,000, plus the audience prize of € 600. The choirs perform a free program of various styles of the choral repertoire, together the required work corresponding to the edition where they were classified to participate in this award.
The poster for this edition is the work of the contestant graphic designer Pau Olcina Andrés. He has also designed the new logo of the contest that blends in with the design of the poster.
In the event, which will be led by the journalist and presenter of ÀPunt, Ferran Cano, the following groups will participate:

  • Alaia Ensemble, from Madrid, winner of the 1st Prize of the 37th edition of the Contest 2017.
  • Choir of the Santa Cecilia Musical Union, of Onda, Umsco Choir, recipient of the 2nd Prize and Public Prize of the 38th edition of the 2018 Contest.
  • Coro Diatessaron de Molina del Segura, winner of the 1st Prize of the 39th edition of the 2019 Contest.

The jury will be made up of Josep Robert Sellés i Camps, Ana Luisa Chova Rodríguez, Elisenda Carrasco i Ribot, Ramón Gil González and Elisa Gómez Pérez, all of them recognized experts from the choral world. Marc Vilaplana Calbo will act as secretary of the jury.
The public of the El Teular Cultural Center will be able to re-cast their vote for the choir that they like the most by means of a ballot. The most voted will be the creditor of the most popular award, which is the Public award.
While the jury carries out the arduous task of issuing its ruling, the group Fun Jazz Project will perform. Created in 2007, it is made up of Adolfo Garcia, on piano, Josep Soler, double bass, Pep Soler, on drums. Together with the singer Rosa Porta, they will perform great songs adapted from soul, pop, swing and Latin music.

The 41st edition of the Fira de Tots Sants Choral Contest, organized by the association of the same name and integrated among its associates by members of the Discantus Chamber Choir, is part of the cultural activities programmed by the City Council of Cocentaina for the celebration of the 675 edition of the Todos Sants Fair.
Tickets to attend the event are free, as are all Fair activities, and can be booked on the website of the Cocentaina City Council