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The International Fair Day is an initiative of UFI
The members of the Association of Spanish Fairs and the fair sector as a whole, celebrate on Wednesday, June 2, the sixth edition of Global Exhibitions Day (GED) or International Fairs Day. This initiative, promoted by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the main international association in the sector, brings together companies, organizations, entities and professionals from more than 115 countries every year. AFE is a member of UFI, like 59 other national and regional associations, which support it in their spheres of influence.
The celebration of Global Exhibitions Day is especially intended to promote knowledge and dissemination of the relevance of the fair activity, its effects and economic and social repercussions. For more than a year in which the COVID-19 crisis has brought almost a complete halt to activity around the world, the main message of the campaign has once again revolved around that “Trade shows are key to rebuilding economic”.

The president of AFE, Xabier Basañez, has stated “we are one of the first countries in which we have been able to resume trade fair activity, in a reliable and safe environment, serving as an example to other European countries. We claim the importance of trade fairs as irreplaceable marketing instruments and that they can also be decisive for the recovery and reactivation of multiple sectors, especially SMEs. We join the celebration of this protest day, together with the representatives of many other countries from the five continents ”. AFE, like other counterpart associations and trade fair organizations, has been spreading messages and infographics about the GED for weeks through its website and on social media, among other actions. The members of the association have joined this communication campaign and have planned different activities to celebrate it and contribute to making their active commitment visible in this reactivation stage. On this occasion, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has been kind enough to send us a message of support, on video, which is of great value for our association and for the sector "From the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism we join the celebration of the International Day of Fairs -Global Exhibitions Day-, promoted by the World Association of the Fair Industry, a day in which the main representatives of the industry, organizers, fair operators, venues, centers of conventions, associations and service providers from around the world come together to enhance the fair sector ”. Likewise, he continues a little later: “On the occasion of the celebration of the International Fairs Day, I want to express all my support, all my recognition to trade fairs and highlight the relevant role they can play for economic recovery, not only helping to companies, also connecting people, its celebration being one of the main sources of MICE tourism creation, with a great economic and social impact for Spain ”. And he ends with the following words: “We must continue to promote this activity to reinforce Spain's attractiveness as an international destination for fairs and events and to improve our global tourism competitiveness. It is an exciting challenge that summons us all, the public administrations and the private sector. You can count on the full support of the Government of Spain”.

Regarding the relevance of the activity, it is worth recalling the figures obtained by Oxford Economics that UFI has released regarding the world fair market:

- Fairs: 32,000 annually

- Exhibitors: 4.8 million

- Visitors: 353 million

- Impact: 299,000 mill. euros (direct, indirect and induced production)

- Contribution to GDP: 179,000 mill. euros (direct, indirect and induced GDP)

- Direct and indirect jobs generated by the fair activity: 3.4 million

The Spanish fair market
Regarding the activity of the members of the Association of Spanish Fairs, the data for 2019, the last with full activity before the pandemic, referring to more than 420 fairs held, offered the following figures:
The number of total exhibitors was close to 50,000 exhibiting companies, with international participation representing 24.7% of the total. Total visitors amounted to 9.7 million assuming 675,000 registered internationals.
On the other hand, a study carried out by Oxford Economics regarding the impact of the Spanish fair market, allowed the following conclusions:
- Economic impact: 13,000 mill. euros (direct, indirect and induced production).
- Contribution to GDP: 6,500 mill. euros (direct, indirect and induced GDP).
- Direct and indirect jobs generated by the fair activity: 123,000.
The figures show the outstanding importance of the fair sector in terms of economic impact and job creation.
The association foresees that in 2021 63% of the fairs planned in Spain will be held in person, 13% in hybrid format and 5% in digital, with the remaining 19% being postponed or canceled.
A large majority of the members of the association have agreed that the fair sector will recover significantly in 2022, after a few months of gradual reactivation especially intense in the last months of this year. Progress in the vaccination process in Spain and in other countries, and the generalization of health certificates, will ensure the holding of scheduled fairs, something necessary to activate alliances, innovation, business, knowledge and, ultimately, new opportunities.
The Asociación de Ferias Españolas, a non-profit organization that was established in 1964, currently has 29 associate members and represents the fair sector in Spain and internationally. In terms of trade fair activity, Spain is among the main countries in Europe, along with Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

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