675 years Fair, a unique event that has made history

Especial 675 edición

This unique event preserves its roots and tradition, but has evolved to meet current needs and respond to public expectations, characteristics that have given it national and international distinctions.

The All Saints Fair this year celebrates its 675th edition, a figure to celebrate and remember everything that from the institutional, neighborhood and tourist point of view has been achieved throughout all this time. Since in 1376 the monarch Pedro IV of Aragón granted in Cocentaina the privilege of being able to celebrate this annual fair, many have been the exhibitors, shows, exhibitions and events that have given life to this appointment that, year after year, has evolved to satisfy the needs of the times and respond to the thousands of visitors that bring it to life.

The Fair was in its beginnings a labor and economic opportunity for producers, merchants and buyers who, during the fourteen days that the contest lasted, could carry out their transactions and exchanges without repression by the king. A fact that, little by little, became a claim and made it grow, so it went from being centralized in the Plaza de la Villa in the 14th century to spreading through all the streets of Cocentaina in the 17th century. As a result of its growth, in the eighteenth century, more specifically in 1768, it was able to become the largest fair in the Old Kingdom of Valencia, which has already made its magnitude. 1795 stopped being celebrated by San Miguel and was established in the current dates, which gave it the name of "All Saints Fair".

Unlike many others that have been disappearing throughout the 19th century, the Cocentaina Fair has been establishing and making history both in activities and in programming and infrastructures. The inclusion of the medieval market in the 90s was one of these symbols of expansion that over time has been maximized and is already one of the hallmarks of the event. But, without a doubt, the year 2000 was the beginning of the commercial sectorization of the Fair and a starting point for the inclusion of new sectors, as well as to take a leap towards digitization.

Throughout these years, the Fair Council has also been one of the key pillars for the event to evolve and that each year new activities are added and everything is consolidated that little by little is joining the program of events. The Fair, in addition to a commercial showcase, serves to disseminate the contestana culture so that tourists and visitors know the essence of the municipality that is collected in a large number of activities and cultural exhibitions that take place during the days of the event.

As a result of all this trajectory, the changes and adaptability, as well as its essence, tradition and the work that has been carried out institutionally, in 2018 the Fair achieved one of the most important distinctions: Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), a a fact that made it the heritage of the entire Valencian Community, a distinctive that was succeeded by the declaration of a Festival of International Tourist Interest, two mentions that undoubtedly treasure its trajectory and have taken it to the top of the festive calendar, both on a scale national and international.

«Many years of work that have paid off and have made this year we celebrate 675 years of our All Saints Fair, an event much loved by all of us, but which has also managed to win over the public that visits us so much. national and international scale. We have undoubtedly known how to preserve its essence, but we have also evolved over time to adapt to changes and that the visitors who come to Cocentaina year after year see that we continue working to make it grow and continue at the highest level »