This Saturday is the 39th Fira Tots Sants Coral Contest

This Saturday, November 9 at 7:00 p.m. and as the closing ceremony of the Fira, the 39th edition of the Fira de Tots Sants Choir Contest will be held. The event that will take place at the Cultural Center El Teular is sponsored by the City Council of Cocentaina, the Generalitat Valenciana and Diputación de Alicante, with the collaboration of the Seu Universitaria of Cocentaina of the University of Alicante, Unión Alcoyana Seguros, Antecuir, Textisol among other companies, not forgetting the great contribution of local and regional commerce.

The contest is organized by the All Saints Fair Coral Contest Association composed of members of the Cor de Cambra Discantus. The 39th edition of the Coral Contest is the third edition of the quadrennial cycle that will culminate in the V PREMI FIRACOR in November 2020. The poster of the 39th edition of the contest is the work of Raúl Belda Jover, who is also coordinator of the event.

The organization of the Choral Competition especially orders for the occasion the composition of the forced work written in Valencian with the purpose of disseminating choral music in our language, being the only choral contest in the entire Valencian Community that promotes this action. The forced work serves as an interpretative reference of all the choirs, which they have to interpret in our language independent of their place of origin. For this edition it has been commissioned to the composer and director Josep Robert Sellés i Camps. The forced work entitled "MARETA, MARETA" is composed from the Valencian popular song with the same title. With this work, the organization and the composer pay homage to the celebration of the "V CENTENARI DEL MIRACLE DE LA MARE DE DÉU 1520-2020" which Cocentaina celebrates in honor of its Patron the "MARE DE DÉU DEL MIRACLE".
The Choral Competition will give the ticket office to the Projecte de Caritat of the V Centenari of the Miracle de la Mare de Déu, coordinated by Cáritas Cocentaina and the PIA Unión.

The event that will be conducted by the journalist and broadcaster Gabriel Pascual, will attend the "CORAL JOVE DEL CONSERVATORI DE SANT CUGAT, BARCELONA", the "CORO DIATESSARON DE MOLINA DEL SEGURA, MURCIA" and the "VOCAL GROUP AMITIÉ DE LANGREO, ASTURIAS". They will opt for the following awards:

  • 1st award endowed with € 3000, in addition the choir awarded with the first prize will attend the V PREMI FIRACOR in 2020.
  • 2nd award endowed with € 1800
  • 3rd award endowed with € 1200
  • Prize of the gifted public with € 600

All of them will be evaluated by a jury with a long history and experience in the choral world. The jury will consist of:

  • JOSEP ROBERT SELLÉS I CAMPS, artistic director of CCFTS and director of the Cor de Cambra Discantus and of the Eduardo Torres d’Albaida Vocal Group. Author of the forced work.
  • ANA LUISA CHOVA RODRÍGUEZ, professor of Cant of the Conservatori Superior de Música de València.
  • DAVID COLADO CORONAS, director of the Habaneras de Candás Contest (Asturias), and of the Municipal Band of Oviedo.
  • JORDI BLANCH TORDERA, assistant director of the Cor of the Generalitat Valenciana.
  • NURIA FERNÁNDEZ HERRANZ, professor of direction of Cors to the Conservatori Superior de Castilla-La Mancha, is artistic director and founder of Vokalars.
  • He will act as secretary of the jury MARCOS VILAPLANA CALBO, deputy director and rope chief of the Cor de Cambra Discantus.
  • The group of Sons de Mar, newly created duet formed by Carmen Botella, voice and Juanba Gimeno, guitar, will act as a guest group and out of competition. Two musicians with a long professional career. The group versiones traditional musical fish, especially choral harmonizations, from our Mediterranean.

The organization of the Contest has a ticket booking service on the web and sold at the Casa de la Juventud from Cocentaina.
Due to the final purpose of the contest and which is none other than the dissemination of music and chorale, the organization has arranged the celebration of a series of collateral activities that seek to enhance the objective set. In this regard, this Friday, November 8 at 10:00 p.m., at the Casa de la Juventud de Cocentaina, a Coral Workshop was held, given by Nuria Fernández, a senior degree in Management of Choirs and Pedagogy of Management in the Savaria Egyetemi Központ (Hungary). The Coral Workshop will be free of assistance with the requirement to complete the registration that can be found on the website of the Choir Contest.