Spanyish Fairs celebrate Global Exhibitions Day

International Fair Day is an initiative of UFI

The Association of Spanish Fairs celebrates on Wednesday June 3 the fifth edition of the Global Exhibitions Day (GED) or International Day of Fairs. This initiative, organized by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, the main international association in the sector, brings together the participation of companies, organizations and entities from some 90 countries every year. AFE is a member of UFI, as are 51 other national and regional associations; in total there are about 800 members, including organizers, fairgrounds and partners in the sector.
With the celebration of the Global Exhibitions Day, it is especially intended to promote knowledge and dissemination of the relevance of the fair activity, its effects and economic and social repercussion. This year when the COVID-19 crisis has completely halted trade fair activity around the world for all these past months, the main message of the campaign is: "Trade fairs are key to economic reconstruction."

The president of AFE, Xabier Basañez, has stated that “in a moment of stoppage of fair activity, we want to show that we continue to work to hold trade fairs again very soon, in a safe and reliable environment, and that these, not They are only first-rate marketing tools, but they will be decisive for the country's recovery and the revival of numerous sectors, and especially small and medium-sized companies. Its celebration generates a great economic and social impact, and for this reason our sector and related companies adhere to the demand for this important event, together with the representatives of many other countries around the world”.

AFE, like other counterpart associations and fair organizations, has spent weeks spreading messages and infographics about the GED through the web and on social networks, among other actions. Its members have joined this communication campaign and have different specific activities planned to celebrate it and give visibility to their active responsibility in this recovery phase.
Regarding the relevance of the activity, it is worth recalling the global figures that UFI has released with the estimates obtained by Oxford Economics:

  • Fairs: 32,000 annuallyExhibitors: 4.5 million
  • Visitors: 303 million
  • Total production of the sector (sales): 275,000 million euros
  • Spending of exhibitors and visitors: 116,000 million euros
  • GDP: € 167 billion (including direct, indirect and induced impact)
  • Direct and indirect jobs generated by the fair activity: 3.2 million

Globally, trade fairs represent more production than other large sectors such as medical and surgical equipment or machine tools. The GDP generated by the fair industry globally would place it as the 56th economy, above countries such as Kuwait, Hungary, Morocco, Sri Lanka or Ecuador.

Spanish fair market data
Regarding the Spanish fair market, the audit of the data related to 2019, referring to a total of 424 fairs and congresses with an exhibition area, confirms the growth of strategically very significant parameters.
So, from the number of total exhibitors, which rose to 49,819, the presence of companies from other countries grew by 8.4% compared to 2018 and represented 24.7% of the total. At the same time, international visitors increased 29.2% to 675,000. Both figures prove the high degree of internationality of the Spanish fairs, which together received the visit of 9.7 million people, 10.3% more than in 2018.
In addition to the audit, the association has a study on the economic impact of the Spanish fair market, carried out by the company Oxford Economics, of which the following conclusions must be highlighted, based on an estimate of more than 560 fairs held in Spain in 2018:

  • The impact in terms of annual production (sales) of the sector amounts to 13,000 million euros, including direct, indirect and induced production.
  • The contribution to the GDP of the fair activity is 6,500 million euros.
  • The jobs generated directly and indirectly by said activity are 123,000
  • The total impact for each exhibiting company is 159,000 euros
  • The impact per square meter of gross covered exhibition area is 8,500 euros

All this shows the great relevance of the Spanish fair sector in terms of economic impact and job creation.

The Association of Spanish Fairs, a non-profit entity that was established in 1964, currently has 25 associate members and represents the fair sector in Spain and internationally. In terms of trade fair activity, Spain is among the main countries in Europe, along with Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

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