The Gourmet Zone will have about twenty Food Trucks

All Saints Fair Gourmet's Zone will be formed this year entirely by Food Trucks, specifically about twenty vans with varied products, located on Rey Jaime I Avenue and the El Patronat area, as in the previous years. The councilor of Fira, Mariona Carbonell, explained that "the goal is to give a different touch to this space that is increasingly frequented by more people and needed a new air so that users can continue to enjoy the leisure offer."
In addition, there are also other areas that will undergo changes such as the Line Party Junior and the service area, which will be reduced because some car and machinery houses have wanted to be present again.
On the other hand, among the novelties of the 2019 edition, it should be noted that in the areas of services, leisure and information points there will be a makeover, since they will be made up of maritime containers combined with lyer and truss structures. "The objective is to achieve a more striking image with more modern and sustainable materials, but also safer and that benefit the assembly and disassembly, in addition to helping us in the distribution of space," explained Carbonell.
Another novelty that has been added this year is the anticipated sale of the tickets for the traditional lunch of Fair in the Pla de la Font on November 1, with the intention of avoiding long lines and crowds. They can be purchased at the butchers and bakeries in the town. Finally, also highlight the edition of a CD of traditional music sung by local authors with different styles and rhythms.