The All Saints Faire prepares its security plan

The All Saints Fair of Cocentaina is going to place different measures to make it easy the visit to persons with limited mobility. One of the most important initiatives is the fitting out of spaces during the shows in the areas  Fira i Festa, Petit Palau, Palau a Escena, Sol a Sol, and Monta y Doma so that they can enjoy them in better conditions.

In addition, the information plans the most appropriated streets will be marked in order to better circulate because there are areas at the Fair where you may find crowds that make circulation more difficult. And for those who need it, you can find accessories in order to make accessibility easier such as chair walking stick.

The Fair Councillor, Mariona Carbonell has explained that “we want that all persons enjoy of our fair at the same conditions, and in each edition we search to adapt to any possible necessity”. All these measures are additional to those carried out in previous editions, such as the Textiflok parking for persons with disability, or adapted services, even tough she has specified that “this year we have augmented the kind of bathrooms, and in total, there are eleven bathrooms in all the perimeter of the Fair”.

On the other hand, we want to emphasize the new measures in sustainability that we will set. At the street Alfonso V a parking for 100 electrical bikes will be fit out, and additionally, at the surrounding parkings the bus service will be available in order enter the fair and clear the city from vehicles. Remember that we suggest to use the public transport by increasing the schedule of timetable for the train Valencia – Alcoy. Among the sustainability measures, all exhibitors will have low consuming lighting, one of the requirements to be part this year of AThe Local Security Committee of Cocentaina has meet this Monday morning to organize the security plan for the All Saints Fair. The meeting has been chaired by the General Secretary of the Provincial Government Office, José Antonio Cuadros, with the Mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa, the Fair Councillor, Mariona Carbonell and the Security Councillor, Toni Hernández, as well as the Autonomic Police Leader, the Leader of the Unity Against Gender Violence of the Provincial Government Office, Modes Salazar and representatives of the Local Police, National Police, Guardia Civil and Firefighting. We have foreseen to reinforce the security plan with five more patrols of Guardia Civil on each shift in addition to the USESIC (Citizenship Security Unit), and the helicopter service. The Local Police will work with its normal staff and will be helped by local employees from nearby cities. This is what Cuadros has explained and assured “the last edition had no security issues, and we are going to work the same way”.

The responsible of the National Police from Alcoy, Jesus Sánchez, has explained that Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies will give support to identify foreign citizens. Antonio Dardel, from the Command Headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Alicante, has explained that they will watch the core of the city and nearby residential areas because “people usually leave their houses empty and sometimes robberies may happen”. The Mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa, has thanked to the Security Forces their work carried out to make all work perfectly. The Fair Councillor, Mariona Carbonell, has confirmed this same point of view, and has assured that all contingents being at the fair the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November will be essential at the Fair.