• Organizer: Regidoria de Cultura
  • Coordinator: Antoni Miró
  • Synopsis: Antoni Miró, artist from Alcoy with a vast international curriculum, introduces in Cocentaina the exhibition “Antonio Gadés, Vent del Poble”. The artist offers to the public twenty four graphic pieces made with digital and pictorial techniques on a canvas and paper. He uses different kinds of images of the missing dancer in 2004, as well as the first verses of the well – know poem “Vientos del pueblo que me llevan”, poem by the citizen from Orihuela Miguel Hernández. This poem was curiously written in 1936, just before Gades was born.

    Either the poetry either the pieces have a common metaphoric source, and this one is the soul of the evocation, that gives to him life and strength. He uses images from the dance style from Gades, accompanied by the beautiful sound of the words pronounced which make the visitor wake up from the lethargy. Miró shares the message transmitted by the poet and the dancer all together. They are all paintings that cry out for injustice, oppression, for the freedom of each person and, then, for the citizens.
    This exhibition is a tribute to the poetry, the dance, and of course for the painters, but above all, and definitely, for the art

  • Location: Sala de la Biga del Palau Comtal