All Saints Fair seeks alternative formats to the traditional celebration

It works in three possible scenarios, as the pandemic evolves, with solutions adapted to each of them.

The City Council of Cocentaina and, specifically, it's Fair council is considering different scenarios in view of the health situation caused by Covid-19 and they are working on the development of alternative formats to celebrate the 674 edition of All Saints Fair in this year 2020. Guarantee the safety and preservation of the health of all attendees will undoubtedly be the priority to which, in addition, the restrictions on capacity, interpersonal distance and disinfection of all facilities are added. Some determining factors that make it necessary to rethink the organization and celebration of this event as we knew it to date.

The councilor of Fair, Eugenia Miguel, debuts in office with an unimaginable challenge a year ago, when the legislature started. During these last months, the Fair department has been closely monitoring the evolution of the pandemic. In this sense, and with the data they currently have, it has been decided to work on three possible scenarios to keep the edition of this 674 Fira de Cocentaina alive. As explained by the councilor, "the format as we know it is completely ruled out. In this new reality that the health crisis we are experiencing leaves us, we cannot assume the volume of people attending and participating that we had until last year, nor guarantee the safety distance. However, we have other options that would mean not leaving this Fira 2020 empty. ”
This decision is the result of the consensus worked with all the political groups in the Fair Commission. It has also been exposed at the Council of Fair coinciding, all the agents involved, in the need to find alternatives to the traditional format in order to continue with the celebration.
In the event that the solution of the pandemic evolves in a positive way in Spain and we can maintain this situation that we have lived since the state of alarm ended, “we would celebrate the Fair with a much smaller format, with limited areas in different parts of the town and with controlled gauging” explains the mayor of Fair. If things get worse and we have to return to a state of alarm in some of its phases (as long as it is not total confinement), we are studying the way to be able to celebrate cultural and commercial activities such as exhibitions or the sale of local products. very restricted in terms of presence and combining it with great digital support, in all the platforms and formats that we can have: web, social networks, application or virtual events. Finally, and if the situation arises to which no one wishes to return, that is, having to confine ourselves again, “we would maintain a digital format. We are working on all the possibilities that technology offers us to present an online version of the Fair of Cocentaina”said Eugenia Miguel.

The Mayor of Cocentaina, Mireia Estepa has offered a strategic and economic vision of what the celebration of this event means for the municipality. "The Fair is an exceptional economic catalyst not only for Cocentaina, but for surrounding municipalities and for exhibitors, for whom this event represents a very important source of income for their respective businesses." And he continued, saying, “With the situation we have lived through and with very worrying economic forecasts, we have to do everything in our power, respecting of course the established security and prevention measures, to preserve the dynamism of wealth of our people”.
Cocentaina's Fair, has come here through centuries, plagues, epidemics, wars, social conflicts, times of peace and progress and, above all, by the determined will of a people that, without forgetting the past, seeks with I work for a future of improvement and social integration. The event is a faithful reflection of this fighting spirit, of evolution through the centuries, of adaptation to the times. What was a regional agricultural and livestock market has become a showcase of agricultural and livestock activities as always, along with the exhibition of agricultural machinery and automotive means, craft activities, Arab market, medieval market, technological exhibition, tourism and endless complementary activities. Now is the time to redefine what the Fair will be like in this new reality.