All Saints Fair 2019 receives 486.036 visitors

The 673 edition of the All Saints Fair of Cocentaina has received a total of 486.036 visitors, a figure slightly lower than last year, taking into account that in 2019 we had one less day of the event. The councilor of Fira, Mariona Carbonell, has been very satisfied with the results, and has assured that “also the merchants and hoteliers have transferred their good feelings to us, and some have explained to us that they have obtained better economic results than in past editions”. In addition, he recalled that the figures of users who have used public transport that the City Council has put at the service of all visitors still need to be analyzed.
On the opening day, on November 1, Cocentaina recorded the largest number of visitors to this edition of the Fair, with a total of 177.500 visitors, on November 2 they were 160.506, and on day 3, 148.030 visitors.

This Monday has put an end to the Fair with the attractions area at popular prices, a day in which the children and their families have participated massively, who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. In addition, within the activities that make up the Fair program, this Saturday will take place the XXXIX Coral  All Saints Fair Contest, at 07:00 p.m. at El Teular Cultural Center, and on Sunday the All Saints Fair IV Trail.